March 02, 2006

The Irony Is Killing Me

Once again I'm sitting here, at the computer, minding my own business when I hear a ruckus outside. Because I am nosy and have nothing better to do, (t.v. is real shit these days...Skating with the Stars? Dudes, who CARES?!), I decide to take a look at the happenings.

And I'm pleased with what I find. So pleased I suddenly feel like going out and painting the town bright red.

Hallefrickenlujah! The assholes downstairs are finally moving! HAHA! Granted they are only moving to the next section of the building over but after so long, I don't have to have those noisy sons of bitches living under me anymore!


Maybe now I can have some peace and fucking quiet!

Perhaps a little too late though. I've already told the rental agency to start looking for another place for me. I really don't have much choice but to use the same rental agency since they have $1600 of mine that I paid upfront last year that can be transfered over to a new place. If I were to move to a different agency or landlord, I would not get that $1600 back till up to 20 days after I moved but I need it as soon as I make the deal to move.

It's either that or go live at a friend's house for a few months to save up the money for first, last and deposit and frankly, I've done that enough and am not inclined to do that again so the current rental agency is on the lookout for something good for me.

And NOW the assholes downstairs decide to move to the next section of the building over. HAHAHAHAHAAA! Too damn funny.

Oh well, at least I'll maybe have a good month of QUIET! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST GIVE ME QUIET! That makes two units in my section empty over the past two days.

It's weird...every single time I have a day off from work, SOMETHING big happens. Usually it's me coming in to work to find that more people were fired but this time the big things happened around here.

If they would fix the damn roof and fix the washer and dryer, the assholes moving might just make me sign another year lease. They were the MAIN problem around here and why this place was getting on my nerves.

Sigh....irony is such a bitch sometimes. I hope nobody moves in downstairs until after they find me something else. Can I at least have that much?

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