February 16, 2006

Of Course

So I found the perfect place. It is perfect. The only thing it is not is right on the ocean but it's still close so to me, it's perfect. And most of the neighbors are old. That means they are quiet.

To get it, however, I need a sizeable chunk of change. A third of that chunk I could have given them today, securing the place for myself if I wasn't such a responsible twit who thought, "Hey! Let's pay the car insurance and lone credit card off early so that they are out of the way for when I find a place I like!"

I'm such a fucking idiot! Why in the HELL did I do that?

Because I really didn't think I would like the places I was shown today. The place I want is not in a place I would have thought to rent in but now that I have seen it, it's perfect.

I didn't have to pay my car insurance for another month and the very low amount on my Target card I didn't have to pay; could have paid $20 a month for awhile but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! And the really funny part? I just paid them two days ago.

I'm beginning to really understand why people sell drugs or strip. No fucking wonder they do it. Hell, I don't even have anything to sell because I gave all my shit away to the Salvation Army. I'm so fucking brilliant I can't stand it.

So, because I did this, I'm going to lose this place because it's awesome and someone is going to snatch it out from under me unless I find a fucking couple hundred dollars lying on the street, (and that sort of thing never happens to me...it happens to people I know but never to me) in the next few days.

Congratulations me! Now I get to live in this shit hole, ghetto dwelled, noisy, roof threatening to cave in any day fucking dump because I wanted to be OVERLY fucking responsible.

I could just throw up. I am never, ever, in my entire life ever paying shit early EVER again. NEVER!

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February 14, 2006

I Cannot Wait

If it will even happen. I am looking to move very soon and will be checking out new places tomorrow. I am not telling you where because stalker bitch still likes to come by the site but I definitely need a better place.

I've been looking for a little bit now and have just started contacting realtors and apartment hunters to help out. I am also going to talk to who I use now and see if they have anything better. It's not the agency who is not doing the fixing, it's the owner and the owner is fully aware that there are leaks in the roof. Did I not tell you about this?

Let me tell you then. Hurricane Wilma did some good damage to the roof of the building and so now, when it rains, the roof leaks. And it leaks through the light fixture in the ceiling. Isn't that pleasant? It's been months since the hurricane and no fix means more water sitting there, in the roof area, growing mold. How delightfully healthy!

I understand that there was a line up for roofers around here after the hurricane but I think we have all waited long enough. My biggest fear is that it won't get fixed or fixed in time and then the heavier rains come in April and May and the damn roof collapses. About two weeks ago it rained pretty hard and I collected four inches of water in a bucket under the leak. Not feeling too confident that the thing will hold up through another season.

Add to that the jerks downstairs and no matter how much I might like the apartment and the area, I need to find something better. Plus, I would like to be able to sit down and take a bath. The tub here was gross. I painted over it but the pipes are rusty so the water that comes out isn't the cleanest. It's clean but it leaves traces of rust in my tub that I always have to clean with bleach. I only take showers because I don't want to sit in it.

They picked cool flooring but they didn't bother to lay it right. They didn't allow the flooring to breath and stretch because of the humidity so now it has some valleys and bubbles. Also? Cause this is so cool...when you open my closets, you can see where they just cut the roll of tile and that was that, according to them. Yes, when you open my closets you will see about 3 inches of extra flooring, just hanging out, not secured to the actual floor...kind of curling up actually. Tha hell?

I can't close some of the windows all the way because the crank died. These are old school beach windows, (yes I live on the beach), and one bedroom window I had to take a shoe lace to retrieve it and pull it back in. It still isn't closed all the way; there is a gap. So! In the winter, plus having no heater, like last night, I was freezing. In the summer my electric bill is way higher than it should be since the heat comes in because some of the windows can't be closed all the way or there is a hole in the frame...(kitchen window).

I like living in a busy area as it tends to be safer but I'm not particularly thrilled to be living right next to a stop light where two busy streets join up so I get to listen to incessant horn honking and thumping bass ALL day long. ALL. DAY. LONG. That is to say, ALL day and ALL night. I'm not crazy, insane when I bitch about it, it would make anyone fricken lose it if they had to listen to that shit ALL day and ALL night.

Some of the people who live in this building have just trashed the grounds. The grass is beyond dead, they have piled their nasty furniture in the back because they are too damn lazy and cheap to take it to the dump and for a week there were two shopping carts right out front on the sidewalks. Totally ghetto!

And they want to raise the rent when the lease is up. HA! NOT!

Oh and the washer and dryer broke and they will not fix them. No assigned parking...overall not such a big deal because I can usually find a place, (I switched my hours at work after learning when I would find parking), but when I need to go to the laundromat or do some serious grocery shopping, I don't always get parking close and I have to lug that crap a few blocks over and then go back, lug more, etc. It sucks. As it stands, I rarely go anywhere after I've found parking because I don't want to have to fight to find space when I come back. Not the way I want to live.

This place could be so cute. I wish they would fix things up and take crap to the dump and get rid of the nasty, ghetto trash.

But they do not. Because they are greedy and stupid and cannot see the bigger picture. They cannot see that if they spend a little bit of money and fix the place up, they could charge so much for this place.

So fuck it. My patience is worn. No, it's gone. I'm a little sad because even with all the shortcomings I really liked this place. But my and my cat's health must be considered. For what I pay for rent AND the astronomical electric bill in the summer, I could be renting a phat ass nice unit somewhere directly on the beach. With an ocean view.

Of course the problem with moving is that all things will be up in March. My lease and my car insurance. How fun! So I will have to see if I even have the fricken money to put down for a new place as I don't entirely trust the landlords I have now to give me back my $1600 I put down as security when I moved in. It was legitimate for them to ask me for that but it's also legitimate for them to give it the fuck back to me. Will they? I'm not sure. My lease does not say it is or is not refundable. I was desperate to get here and didn't think to have that put in writing. My fault.

I have also read some very negative things about the agency I currently use and while I know that people don't always tell the truth; they would rather bitch and complain and get a load of "you poor thing" and "man, that sucks" letters to them, people have a tendency NOT to take responsibility for their own actions, it does make me wonder if I will get screwed.

I hope not. I hope they give me my money back. The lady who owns the agency really likes me so maybe I will but there is no saying right now. If she doesn't and the new agency is not willing to work out a payment plan with me for the fucking deposit, I may be stuck here for awhile longer. Which will suck because if I have to hear one more asshole blare their horn in impatience at the JUST turned green light, if I have to hear that brat downstairs slam that door one more time or bounce off the walls for a few hours one more night, if I have to hear one more prick thump his bass trying to impress, if I have to see one more piece of furniture tossed in the back, side or front by lazy, 3rd world assholes who move to this country and then treat it like their dump, if I have to see one more mother fucking shopping cart out front, if I have to go one more year without being able to take a luxurious bath....I will probably go certifiably crazy.

I would have had the money to do this if I hadn't had to spend all that fucking money on car repairs but! I am thankful I have a car TO repair and all things happen as they should...but damnit I would love to have an extra couple hundred.

One night a friend and I sat around and talked about how we sometimes think about stripping or being an escort. We would never do it, of course, but DAMN wouldn't that be nice to rake in a few hundred dollars for a few hours work. Fucking morals.

Anyway, I'll let ya know how it went. All I want is a nice, clean, quiet neighborhood, free from crime and screaming children and street traffic with a nice view...NOT a view into someone else's apartment. All I want is to be able to take a fucking bath, MY GOD! All I want is to have a cool place in the summer and a warm place in the winter. All I want is to have quiet, respectful neighbors. All I want is a fucking roof that does not threaten to collapse or fuck with my health and leak through ELECTRICAL FUCKING EQUIPMENT!

Unfortunately I'm not 55 or over and I can't get those places yet. But I'm looking for second best. And knocking on wood that absolutely nothing else goes wrong in my life to suck the money from me.

All I can do right now is continue to eat my 33 cent burritos, hoarde every last penny I can and hope extra fucking hard that I can do this.

Wish me luck.

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February 13, 2006


Mother of God it is cold here. I would like to thank all the dumbasses who told me that I would not need cold weather clothing for this area. Maybe it doesn't get cold here often but when it does it's painful.

I can't believe I have to go back to Target to do some fricken winter shopping. Why in the hell did I listen to these idiots and give away all my sweaters and long sleeve shirts?

I guess I'll have a cigarette to warm myself by and then I better go climb underneath the covers before they find me, frozen to my computer desk because I am a retard and gave away my fucking warm clothes to those less fortunate.

Would it be in bad taste to ask for them back?

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February 09, 2006

I Take That Back

I've decided I'm not going to let one little douchebag control what I do with my life. I've already changed my phone number, moved, successfully closed all known email accounts and opened new ones so all that is left for stalker bitch, (I know you come back to read idiot, I have a fucking tracker...duh!), are my sites.

Fuck the bitch. I'll just continue to delete all comments from the psychopath treating them like nothing more than annoying spam.

Moving on. Don't have a lot to write about because nothing exciting has really happened. Some things at work pissed me off but that is not only boring to write about, it is to be expected when you work with idiots. I hate corporate America. I fucking hate it. I cannot wait to have a large savings built up and then leave this shit hole. I'm glad I have a job and I would like to keep it until I have that big fat savings but I cannot wait for the day that I'm financially able to tell corporate America to shove it so hard it comes out their throats.

Been pretty boring around here which is not necessarily a bad thing. If it's boring, that means nothing bad is happening to me and sometimes I need it to be boring.

Guess I'll go clean the cat litter now.

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February 05, 2006

So Much For This

Well...it looks as if I may have to shut down this site. You see, I told only a handful of people who knew me about this site and it appears one little stalker bitch has found it.

Yes J, I'm talking about you. Leave me the fuck alone. Stop following me around. You were never informed about this site for a fucking reason. Has that occurred to you? What is your fucking problem?

Go find your own life, hell, start your own fucking blog/journal but leave me the fuck alone! I'm tired of your passive/aggressive comments and emails. You have problems and are possibly a touch psycho.

When someone tells you to leave them alone, you do not turn around and say, "I don't take No for an answer", what you do is LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE!

You already knew about my other site and I built this one as a fresh start, away from the people I don't particularly want reading my words. You were one of those people.

GET away from me! Go find a fucking hobby and leave me alone!

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February 03, 2006

What Is Your Problem?


Excuse me, Face? What is the deal here? What in tarnation do you think you are doing?

Might I remind you that I am no longer a teenager. Those years are almost two decades past us. It is completely unneccessary to cling to those years. Keep up with the rest of us and show some signs of aging...a fine line, less than dewey skin, whatever but you have crossed the line by giving me what you did this morning.

I am 36 years old. Giving a 36 year old a zit is a completely inappropriate gift. Please return to sender.


Excuse me but you're not funny. Look, even though I am 36 years old and well past the prime age for pimples and zits, I am not old enough for gray hairs. That is unacceptable. Oh you and Face are just hilarious aren't you? Between the two of you I look like a 17 year old with gray hair. Hardly amusing. And I find it even less humorous that the gray hair you gave me is RIGHT where I part my hair which makes it stick straight up for everyone to enjoy. Stop it immediately.


Tha hell? Where do you get off feeling like that? I had absolutely NOTHING to drink last night. In fact, I haven't had a drink in....three weeks and yet you have the audacity to give me hang over symptoms? I wake up feeling like I painted not only my town but every fricken beach community up and down the A1A red last night. I would appreciate it if you would at least let me earn the nauseous, painful, sluggish crap you pulled on me! Inexcusable!


If you would be so kind not to wander out of the yard, I would appreciate it. Between my zit, gray hair and undeserved hang over, I am having a terrible time keeping track of you to put my thoughts inside. As it stands, I have to throw them at you and hope they sink. If you will notice that pile of unorganized, homeless thoughts littered all around you, you will see that I don't have the best aim.

You all, I took such good care of you when I was younger. I fed you right, I moisturized you, I drank plenty of liquids, ate my veggies, read a library full of books and this is the thanks I get? Ok, since then I've had a few drinks, smoked a few cigarettes and pushed my veggies to the side since there was no parent forcing me to eat them but the point is, I do not find your actions amusing. If you would be so kind as to meet me somewhere in the middle so I don't have to be the first zit faced granny, I'd appreciate it.

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