November 24, 2005

Slide Show

Don't worry, this isn't the typical, "Here are slides of our vacation including a segment with people we know but that you will never meet so the photos are completely boring to you but we're going to subject you to them anyway because we can't grab a clue" kind of show.

Below are the photos I took of the aftermath of hurricane Wilma the day after she came through. All of these photos are within a 3 block radius of my home but the destruction was far and wide and quite severe in several areas.

Let's begin:

hurricane 1a.jpg

Notice the hanging "walk/don't walk" sign.

hurricane 2a.jpg

hurricane 3a.jpg

Those aren't exactly light planters up on that patio.

hurricane 4a.jpg

I don't know if you can tell because of the angle I was compared to the street light but the wind was so strong it bent the lamp.

hurricane 8a.jpg

Do you know palm trees? They are extremely strong and it takes a hell of a lot to uproot the damn things.

hurricane 13a.jpg

This is the street I parked my car on before "hunkering down" for the storm. I tried to find the best location for my car so it would not get damaged and I chose this street because the storm was coming from the west. This street is to the east of the bay but one block from the ocean. I parked away from any street lights that may fall, away from trees and had only a half height brick wall nearby. My car still got damaged because an awning, with sharp, metal poles came crashing off of an apartment building and landed exactly behind my car. The metal poles scratched a little bit on the bumper of my car but nothing major. The worst thing that happened to my car was that the hurricane, coming up this street like in a wind tunnel, ripped off the passenger side mirror, ripped of the car emblem that was on the back of the car to the right and loosened up the...trim on the right side of the car. However, seeing the pic above, I know I got lucky. Also, where I live, people in condominiums were apparently looking out their window during the storm and saw cars being flipped around, flung on top of each other and totally smashed up. They called into one of the local radio stations to talk about it. So I got really lucky.

hurricane 14a.jpg

Same street just about two car lengths up.

hurricane 15a.jpg

hurricane 16a.jpg

Same street, other side.

hurricane 17a.jpg

The parking lot of the local Publix I shop at. The store did open the day after but for cash carrying people only and the line was enormously long. They were letting people in a few at a time, almost like at an amusement park, and they had only a certain amount of time to go in and grab what they could. The store did not have power for almost a week and for a few days after they got power they still didn't have any refridgerated or frozen items. I never realized how much I depended on refrigerated and frozen food until I went in there about 10 days after the storm and couldn't find a damn thing to eat.

hurricane 18a.jpg

The sidewalk just across from the beach. Everyone always shows the big damage but they never show the endless debris. I thought it would be interesting to show that it's not just trees and power lines that have to be cleaned up, it's all this little debris that collects everywhere.

hurricane 19a.jpg

This is my walkway to the beach. Looking kinda messy.

hurricane 20a.jpg

Another palm tree uprooted. Again, that isn't easy to do.

hurricane 21a.jpg

This is the back fence of a hotel at the beach..completely knocked over.

hurricane 23a.jpg

As you can clearly see, this was no light breeze.

hurricane 24a.jpg

No trick of the camera, the winds were so strong, those traffic lights are stuck in that position. Well, they've been fixed now but they were stuck then.

hurricane 25a.jpg

More of the little debris stuff.

hurricane 27a.jpg

Part of a tree at the back of my apartment building. Oh, and pieces of the roof from my apartment building. In the video you can see those pieces flying around all over the dang place.

hurricane 28a.jpg

Where that part of the tree came from. You may remember photos after Katrina where this tree had split....well, Wilma finished it off. Also please note how the downstairs idiots left their ghetto furniture outside to be blown around. Fucking morons. That is a dresser, a very large dresser, that they left, upright, before the storm...because they are geniuses...sheer, fucking geniuses. Thankfully the stupid thing only fell over and drawers didn't come out and fly around. Assholes. I think they must be mentally retarded. There's no other explanation for the way they act.

That's all the room I had on my camera. I did take photos of the car damage should I decide to make an insurance claim but the mirror and emblem will only cost me $100 plus tax and the scratches aren't too bad. In December I will take the car in to be looked at, (get an oil change as well), and see if there is more damage than I know. So far it's running pretty good but you never know.

I'm finally just now starting to get back to a normal sleeping schedule. It's been a month since the damn thing came through. My cupboards and fridge are finally full again...after a month of being stark empty. Hurricanes are not only exhausting, they are expensive even if you don't have any damage or only minimal damage. You lose a lot and it takes some money to rebuild the supplies and get things back in order. You don't have to be rich, it just takes awhile.

I'll get to work on the video. I had cut it down to 10 minutes but I think I need to cut it down a little more before presenting it. I'll probably do that tomorrow...if I feel like it.

Don't eat too much turkey.

Posted by S. Faolan Wolf at November 24, 2005 01:25 AM | TrackBack

Holy havoc! I love Florida with a passion, but seeing this kind of destruction makes me happy to live in the Chicago suburbs, where the only thing I have to worry about is too much snow.

Posted by: Viki at November 25, 2005 10:10 AM

Er... dang....?

Posted by: Maine at November 28, 2005 10:44 AM

Wow...I knew it was bad but...Viki, I used to live in the Chicago mean a LOT of snow and a windchill that drops so low I'm suprised it hasn't been made into a tv miniseries. But they do keep the roads least the tollways :)

Posted by: SailGirl at November 29, 2005 03:11 AM

Thanks for the pictures! I like the one of the newspaper racks the best.

Posted by: cousineddie at November 30, 2005 10:28 PM
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