December 02, 2005


I've become incredibly lazy lately. Actually, that's not true, I lied. I'm sorry. What I should have said is that I've become increasingly committed to many other things and lazy to posting. And fixing things and loading things and things computer related because I've found myself having problems with something and I can't seem to figure it out, (which is internet related), and it sucks the very joy of writing out of me and so I just sit here, staring at the screen thinking to myself:

"Maybe I should write something today. Eh, nah. Not until I get that other thing fixed. My motivation is gone."

So, there you have it. Every time I come to the internet I am reminded that something that is important to me elsewhere on the internet is fucked up and I don't know how to fix it and I'm not getting any help and it sucks and I hate.


(Doxie isn't the only one who gets to use stars when she jumps around from topic to topic.)


Recently I have discovered that despite how much I hate complaining, (oh shut up, I mean in real life, not on here), it does seem to work out for the good. Case in point:

At work...well, not to say too much about work but saying something about a situation that was beyond unacceptable landed me a promotion and pay raise. HA!

Example 2: Those douchebags? Downstairs? The ones who piss me off on an almost nightly basis because they suck? Yah, well, they pushed me too far and I finally said something to the landlord when I went in to pay my rent. I was merely going to complain about the douchebagginess of the neighbors and how rude and noisy they are but knew that if I made mention of just how many people are living there, I'd probably get heard.

Well. I started off by saying that I hate to complain and the lady said, "But..." and I think she was expecting a complaint about the apartment or some appliance or something so when I said, "The downstairs neighbors are really rude. I know that with five people living there..."

"FIVE people? FIVE?"

And thus my plan worked brilliantly and I didn't have to come off sounding like a whiny ass about noise although the few examples I have given here should tell you that what they do is beyond "normal living noises" and I have a case, regardless. SOoooooooooo.....

Those pricks got themselves a fat 7 day comply or get evicted notice and have to remove a few people from the apartment. And ya know what? They've been awful quiet since. And that makes me laugh. And I know that they know I reported them because the other night they were being extra spicy douchebags and I informed them (and about half the neighborhood), that perhaps a phone call was in order. Of course I threatened them with the INS but the landlord is a great place to start.

Tonight when I got home one of the soon to be evicted (either way) tenants was trying to annoy me by singing some stupid song outside my window so I sang back, "Who caaaaaaaaaares. You'll be gone in a weeeek you illegal douchebaaaaag! Buuuuuh BYE!" and he soon shut up. Don't speak a word of English my ass.

Complaining seems to work. Duly noted.


Why does my cat always pick the exact moment I decide to write something to paw me to get up on to my lap and when I tell her no make me feel like the world's biggest jerk off?


Sometimes I wonder if I'm very interesting.


You know, they are STILL cleaning up after the hurricane. I forgot to mention in my last post a few of the things I did wrong. I bragged about what I did right but here is what I missed:

1) have enough cat litter because stores won't be open.

2) fill tub with water.

Now, this was innocent. See, no one had explained WHY I needed to do that and I thought it was for drinking and I'm all like, 'Hell no I'm not drinking water from the tub" because the tub is kinda fact, I had to paint over it because it's gross and I don't own this place so I'm not replacing it nor am I spending $300 on a tub liner so I got tub paint so I could at least stand to take a shower in it. It's okay to look at now but like hell if I'm drinking water from it that's been sitting in it for a week. Besides, I got plenty of water in the freezer.

But I was wrong. It is not for drinking. It was in case you lost water altogether and needed something to fill the toilet for flushing purposes. Oooooh! Luckily I did not have to learn the hard way. I learned from other people learning the hard way and calling the radio station asking how they were expected to flush their toilet with no water and the radio guy said, 'That's what the water in the tub is for.' Aaah. Now I don't have to look like an idiot.

3) Have cash on hand.

I did not do this. I did not need to this time, luckily, (again, she says), but I know for next time. Hi! No electricity ATM NOR the ability to use the card at the store! Go me for being a genius!

4) Get the fuck out of town during a Cat2/3. This was a Cat 2 at times and a Cat3 at times..depending on what hour of the day you were looking for. After feeling my building shake so badly I wondered if it would collapse, I have decided that from here on out, if they say "Cat 2", I'm leaving. Again, I got lucky but I may have used up all my luck this go round.

Everything else I did right because I'm brilliant. Of course.


Sometimes, when I'm watching CourtTV, they'll be talking about some psycho or another and I see traits in those psychos that I've seen in people who tried to be my friend in the past. Luckily, (there's that word again) for me, my instincts are very strong and I quickly figure out that something is off about the person and push them away. This happened again last night. There was this one psycho stalker (female) of another female and she, pscyho bitch that is, had a lot of similarities with a certain person I met when I first got here. And getting rid of that person was NOT easy. I actually had to change my phone number twice!


Oh yah, I almost forgot. Dilemma:

Let's say you have a job that pays you very well and you are very good at it because, well, you're special and spectacular and highly intelligent so this job is actually really fricken easy and you can't believe they pay you what they do to complete each day's work in about three hours while your co-workers struggle through their work loads for days on end and no matter how many assignments you are handed all at once, them testing you ya see, you finish them all, all seven of them in two days and they are amazed and baffled at your incredible abilities and think you are, indeed, as you've been claiming all along, the cat's meow but you fucking despise the job because you hate corporate America and cubes and cheese bits as rewards and every day you wake up you are not happy about where you are headed even though you're pretty secure, financially.

Then along comes another job doing something you have always wanted to do, you would actually wake up and look forward to work, you would be happy all day because you would not have to work with people at all, those piles of lazy shit idiots that they are but would work with doggies and the pay is actually enough to live off of but you might have to work extra hours to equal what you are making now, like 8 more hours a week, and while the other job offers you that pay for only 38 hours a week, this glorious doggies all around job will make you work 48 hours a week to get in the salary neighborhood but not guaranteed to match, some days it might equal, some days it might be more and some days it might be less so you are not necessarily financially secure and by financially secure I mean, you can pay your bills and have enough left over to buy whatever the hell you want at the grocery store and still save just in case the car breaks again or your pet decides it wants to visit the vet or something, but maybe then again you would be....unless of course another hurricane season like this one hits. The job you hate pays you even if you don't work during and after hurricane and the job you know you would love you just don't make money and like probably won't for a week or so after because no one is thinking of their doggies and special things over "hey, fuck, my roof just blew onto my new car".

I'm having a very hard time deciding which job to take. Well, one I have but I am offered another. The other I would looooooooooove. Financially I would be fine but again, some weeks may be plentiful and some may be slimmer but never below what I need to live off of. The job I have now I'm guaranteed the wage and since I rule, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

What the hell do I do? Also note: I have no one or anything to fall back on if shit hits the fan. I am completely indepednent. Course, I have no bills either..meaning, no credit card bills and no debt. My bills consist of rent, electricity, satellite, internet, that kind of thing. Oh and car insurance. Even the car is owned. By me. Not the bank.

So...what would you do? Go for the abundance in finanacial security but hate or go for the looooooooooove and the cute doggies and worry a little bit during the slimmer times?

Posted by S. Faolan Wolf at December 2, 2005 10:35 PM | TrackBack

I have been remiss in telling you how much I love your blog.. & yes, I was concerned about you when I didn't see a post for ever so long. I am a transplanted Floridian, so maybe I was suffering flashbacks..
As for the dilemma, one has to fall back on the old self-help book of yesteryear; Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow.
Go for it!

Posted by: sandegaye at December 3, 2005 02:57 PM
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