April 29, 2005


I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of American Idol. I wasn't at first. The very first season of AI I decided, after seeing commercials for it, that it was going to be cheesy and that I would not watch it. It was the second time in my life that I was very wrong about a show. (The first being 'Friends' which I did not watch until almost the end of season one when I was at a peer's house and they turned it on. Found out it was actually good.)

I ignored the hooplah and chose to read or watch other programs until a co-worker of mine and I went on a break together one day for lunch and she talked about AI the entire time. Alright, I went home and watched it.

And became an AI addict.

I did miss the last season except for one episode as I was extremely busy but I've watched every other season. Season two was lame and I was not very interested in any of the singers so that also had something to do with me missing season three. This season is turning out to be quite interesting indeed and my pick is Kerry Underwood. She better win, damnit or I will be pissed off and it will further my belief that there are far too many stupid people in this country.

But I'm here to talk about the winner of season one, the American Idol herself, Kelly Clarkson. During that season, every single time Kelly sang, it didn't matter what genre they had picked for them to perform, Kelly sang so well I would get goosebumps. Her voice is absolutely amazing. There really are not that many "artists" out there with record deals that I can say that about. There are some ok singers and some good singers and some really awful, shitty, "how in the hell did they get in the studio" type singers, (Britney), but hardly anyone can make me take notice when they hit their first note.

Kelly is one of those who can make me stop whatever it is that I'm doing and listen to her entire song, undivided attention and when she's done, make me want to hear more.

After she won AI I was a little turned off by her first song and that horrible bent metal traffic accident of a movie she did with 2nd place winner, Justin. Oh my gawd was that stupid. Despite how well she sang, those two mistakes, (as far as I'm concerned), made me stop paying attention to her and I did not listen to her if I saw her on VH1 or MTV.

Until she did, "Since You've Been Gone". Holy shit! That's the Kelly Clarkson I remember. Her voice is so wonderful and powerful that she doesn't need a lot of tracks or instruments to cover up her pipes. The song used only two acoustic guitars and Kelly's vocal chords. I can't get enough of it. I want to replay that song over and over again.

While she may do alright with other songs, "Miss Independent" was ok in my book, I think she does the best when she just showcases her voice. The people at American Idol and the American public did an outstanding job of finding the very first one. Can you imagine if the first season of AI had Clay Aiken as the winner? I don't think it would be as popular as it is today if Kelly had not been the first winner. I really don't.

While other Idol winners and runner ups may be doing projects here and there, it seems that Kelly is the only one working hard and remaining in the spotlight, continually putting out songs and topping the Billboard charts. (And can someone answer why Clay Aiken is doing more than Rueben Studdard these days? The only time I've seen Rueben is doing a song for a show and then he did an 'acting' bit in that really STUPID show, "Life On A Stick".) Maybe the other Idol winners are doing more but their publicist sucks.

Regardless, I'm thrilled that Kelly did this song and if she continues to do songs like that I think she will go a long way and not be a one hit wonder like I fear many other Idol winners will be.

As for this season....um, what the hell is Scott still doing in the competition? I didn't like Constantine very much at all because he was always posturing for the camera, doing that annoying pout and looking up through his eyelashes like a little girl....makes me want to throw up...but he sure as hell was a lot better than Scott! What the fuck people?

I was torn between Bo Bice and Kerry Underwood to win but since we've all found out about Bo's little run in with the law for drugs, I'm firmly behind Kerry. First of all, her voice is fantastic. As good as Kelly's? No, but very close. Second, she has that "all American" girl next door look. I don't think that there should be an American Idol....IDOL people, who has prior arrest records because he used drugs and got himself shit faced in public. There are little, impressionable kids watching this show and drunk, drug users should not be "Idolized".

Anyway, if you have not heard Kelly Clarkson's, "Since You've Been Gone" you might want to give it a listen. It shows off that wonderful voice of hers and you may find yourself getting goosebumps too.

Kelly has just regained a fan.

[If you want the acoustic version, the version I'm talking about, email me and I'll send it to you. I would put it on here for people to "Right Click/Save As" but I know there are far too many retards and assholes out there who will choose to suck up my bandwidth instead because they are stupid.]

Posted by S. Faolan Wolf at April 29, 2005 07:34 AM

You are so right about Kelly Clarkson's voice - extraordinary. She sang God Bless America at Game 1 of the ACLS last year and she kicked some SERIOUS butt. She's got that classic huge belt-y voice - and it sounds like there's nothing she can't sing.

I was so sick of Constantine ONLY PLAYING TO THE CAMERA. Dude - there's an audience there. Try performing for THEM, bub.

I just got television for the first time in 2 years, and I am addicted already. To that and The Apprentice.

Posted by: red at April 29, 2005 03:11 PM

I bought her cd a few weeks ago. Yeah, she has a great voice, but she tries to sound like Avril Lavigne a lot.

Posted by: Ruth at April 29, 2005 10:03 PM

Kelly is good. I liked Clay though. He was such a dork he cracked me up. As for this season, I'm with you, I like Kerry. She's so cute. The kind of girl I want my daughter to look up to. Not a Britney or someone like that. As for Scott...did you read about His arrest? It seems that he beat the mother of his child....WITH A PHONE! Ok, how anyone could spawn with him is beyond me, but that aside....why wasn't he kicked off????

Posted by: SailGirl at May 3, 2005 12:41 AM

Apparently both Scott and Bo Bice revealed their dark pasts to AI producers at the beginning and AI has allowed them to continue. It's not up to me, it's up to the producers who they allow to go forward from the very start but we can all make sure they don't win in the end. I didn't even bother mentioning Scott's record because he isn't going to win. Bo Bice, on the other hand, has a very good shot at winning and as talented as he may be, not good IDOL material as far as I'm concerned. Kerry should be rewarded not only for her talent but for staying the hell out of trouble.

Posted by: S. Faolan Wolf at May 3, 2005 01:11 AM
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