March 27, 2009


So now that I've disclosed my living arrangements, allow me to share this ridiculous story with you. On Wednesday, the boss asked three of us to move some cinder blocks and cement thingies out of a recently abandoned lot to the other side of the lake.

This particular spot will, eventually, be taken over by the twit who thinks he's in charge around here. We'll call him Paris Hilton because he is quite the drama queen. (Trust me, you'll soon see why.) In the meantime, the boss wants to make the place look somewhat presentable since we do have guests who stay here.

So, three of us got the company truck, gathered up all the cinder blocks and cement thingies and brought them over to the other side of the lake, as instructed. Because these would just be sitting over there, I decided to take a few of the more decorative pieces of cement thingies to make a little sidewalk from my car to my door.

A co-worker took some more to make his garden look nicer. No big deal, right? This is the boss' business and it's also his RV park. Pretty much everything here belongs to him. Acquired or purchased. And pretty much, things have a way of making their way from one yard to the next as people leave things behind and others decide to use them. The boss doesn't care as long as nothing looks like a "hobo camp", (his words).

All was well until last night. Apparently PH found out that this was done and he blew a gasket. First of all, numbnuts does not live in that lot. When he gets the money for a new place, he says he will. Second, this is not HIS park. It belongs to the boss. Again, most everything here belongs to the boss. End of story.

But he still got all bent out of shape and was talking about how there was "going to be hell to pay" because we moved HIS cement. Whatever. Douche.

At some point in time, his psycho girlfriend, (trust me, she really is, not just some bitch, she is truly psychotic), came to my door and knocked on it. For a split second I wondered what in the hell was she doing at my door. I do not talk to her, wave at her, acknowledge her because she's a fucking nut and I want nothing to do with her.

Then a little light clicked on and I thought, "Oh for fuck's sake. She's here about the damn cement." I did not respond to her knocking. I am not scared of her, that's not it. I was using my brain. Opening that door and having ANY conversation with this bitch would not end well. Nothing good was going to come out of that situation. And frankly, if she came after me, she would be shot. Plain and simple. She came to me, she's attacking me, she's PSYCHO, (have I mentioned that?) and I don't know what that crazy bitch will do.

There are enough stories that would back me up in court on that. The whole, "I feared for my personal safety and life" would not be questioned when they realized just exactly who was at my door attacking me. She's that fucking insane.

So, instead of having to deal with that bullshit, I thought it best just not even invite it. Not that I did. I was in my house, minding my own damn business but opening that door would not have been a smart move. More than likely, cops would have been called when all was said and done.

But I was livid. How dare PH send his bitch girlfriend to my house to talk about those stupid cement pieces. I do not answer to her fucking ass for what the boss tells me to do.

This morning, I got to work, started setting things up and PH was running around, screaming and yelling his fool head off about these damn cement pieces. He saw me and jabbed his finger in my direction, screaming, red in the face, spittle flying about how I was going to get it. I told him to take it up with the boss if he didn't like it.

"Oh I will be taking it up with him! He told you to move it to the other side of the lake! He didn't tell you to take it to your house!"

Dude. Are you seriously getting upset over three pieces of round cement? That aren't even yours?! Just because they were in your yard at ONE time doesn't mean they belong to you!

He walked off, still yelling and carrying on. One of my co-workers who had helped move the cinder/cement was there but decided not to back me up. This is someone who claims to be my friend. This is someone who says he has my back and makes comments such as this on my other blog so that people will think he's a great person.

The fact is, he never sticks up for me. Ever. He always says, "I don't want to get involved."

Well, in my book, that's NOT being a friend. That's called being a little bitch pussy. Don't tell me you have my back, don't tell all my friend that you have my back and then don't actually have my back. Your fucking ass was there when we were told to move the stuff. Your ass was there when we discussed using some of the stuff...NOW you don't want to be involved? Fuck you.

(This is not the first time this person has left me out to dry to take all the heat. Not only that, I've heard him talk about me behind my back only to have him lie to my face when I called him out on it.)

But back to the point: While PH was running around wetting his pants over this "situation", I told the other co-worker who had taken some of the round cement thingies to his garden that maybe he better let PH know where the REST of those things are since I'm the only one getting shit on today.

This co-worker thought PH was being a little whiny bitch and he walked over towards him. PH came up to me again and started yelling at the top of his lungs at me, while the rest of my co-workers looked on. The "cement stealing" co-worker came up to him and said, "HEY! PH! I TOOK THEM!"

PH: What?

CS: I took them! I have them! What of it!

PH: screaming, ranting, carrying on a like a 4 year old who wet his pants in front of the grown ups. Fuck you!

CS: Fuck me? FUCK YOU!

PH: No fuck you! More ranting and urinating.

CS: Come over here and make me!

PH: blink blink (you can see the wheels turning in his head that this is NOT a good idea.) More screaming but volume significantly less.

CS: Fuck you! FUCK! YOU! Come here and make something of it! If you want the things so fucking badly, go get them!

At this point I decided to intervene because two have known each for a long time and CS is NOT afraid of PH and it's quite possible some fists could have been flying. Not sure, PH probably would have backed all the way down, eventually but,'s the beginning of the work day...seriously!

Me: Look, PH, I don't care enough about those stupid things to fucking scream about them. You want the damn things, fucking take them. Jesus! What I'm pissed about is you sending your psycho girlfriend to my house about it! Fuck that shit!

PH: You're lucky she's not around to hear that!

Me: No, asshole, you're lucky I didn't answer the door last night! It wouldn't have gone the way you wanted it to or thought it would go. TRUST me on that! I do not answer to your psychotic girlfriend for what the boss tells me to do. Do not send that bitch to my house EVER again! If you have a problem with me, YOU come talk to me!

PH: whine, piss, cry, moan, boohoo, my cement thingies wah!

So the whole place was in an uproar this morning. Some people were enjoying the shit out of it, (since they instigated it...and I know exactly who did and I know they did before this morning. I knew this shit was coming.) Some were walking on eggshells glad it wasn't them.

Of course the boss found out. And the boss wanted to look at me sideways today. Know what? YOU FUCKING TOLD ME TO MOVE THEM! So I stood up for myself, so what? When some asshole comes to me like that, they will get likewise in return. These pricks think that because I'm a girl in a "man's job" that I'm going to cower and run for cover and cry whenever they say, "boo" to me. But, Mr. Boss, you told me, when I was being interviewed for the job that these people are "rough around the edges". What was my response to you? Do you remember? It was that I had been through way worse than any of these people could deliver to me plus I had been in the service in a specific type of job and I could certainly handle "rough around the edges".

So don't look at me that way because I stand up for myself. Got it?

And give me a break. They are not "rough around the edges". They are whiny little bitches. Grown men acting like this? Please.

Later in the day, I found out that apparently PH may have, at one point, actually purchased the round cement thingies, not the boss. I was informed that the boss wouldn't buy things like that.

Well. How the fuck was I supposed to know that? Not one person bothered to mention THAT little fact when we were removing them from the lot and then deciding to take a few for our yard, was IT?

So, I told PH, "Look, I thought those were the boss'. I did not know those were, literally, yours. IF I had known that, OF COURSE I wouldn't have taken them. I thought they were for anyone as most things out here are."

Then later I reiterated that with him. He calmed down a lot. So, I added, "The next time you have a problem with me, talk to me like a human. You don't need to come at me, red faced and yelling!"

PH: Well I had to listen to (psycho bitch) scream about it all night long and she wouldn't put out because she was pissed and she was angry at me because I wouldn't come down to your house to get them back. I had to hear it all night long!

Me: That is NOT my fault! All you had to do was come to me and ask, "Why do you have those? I would have said that I was told to move them and thought that since they were just going to sit across the lake unused, why not make a little sidewalk. I THOUGHT they belonged to the boss. All you had to do was TALK to me and this could have been resolved quicker and much more calmly. It's NOT that big of a deal. I don't care enough about these things. I just though, 'eh, fuck it, why not?' You don't need to yell at me. Just talk to me like a human!"

He stayed silent. That's his way of acknowledging that you are right, why yes he was an asshole about it, why yes he did look quite like a dick earlier but he's too much of a bitch to admit it. That's ok, I know him well enough to know that.

So, we apparently are ok again. As ok as we will get because I frankly can't stand the prick and I only get along with him at work just because it's work. And even then sometimes I don't really get along with him. Most of the time I go where he is not because I don't like him that much.

Now. After all of that. After ALL OF THAT RIDICULOUS AND POINTLESS FUCKING DRAMA OVER THREE FUCKING PIECES OF ROUND CEMENT for the LOVE of GOD, suddenly I was ok in the boss eyes again.

Not that PH admitted to being a dick, I'm sure but because he had calmed down, probably did admit that I didn't know they were HIS, and that CS had also taken some and we were both baffled by the reaction. Neither of us knew they were his, exclusively. And we both stated we just don't really care about them to go through THIS shit!

CS said later that he was going to break some of them apart to see if there was gold or drugs inside since PH acted like they were worth so much. My God I've never seen someone react like that over some fucking cement.

He totally flew off the handle and showed his ass to everyone instead of talking like a rational adult.

So, boss, maybe you should focus on what a cry baby bitch PH was being about the whole thing and stop looking at me as if I did something intentional.

The boss isn't stupid. I think he hears a lot of shit and listens to it and I usually don't bother to run to him to tell my side of the story because I'm not 4, I'm an adult. In time, though, the truth is always revealed. I'm sure he's figured out a few things over time that I've been accused of and realized it was bullshit.

And some other things, well, I don't know. Some people are so threatened by my mere presence that they do nothing BUT talk trash about me.

The really good thing is that one person the boss totally listens to is on my side, sees the shit for what it is and even said today that I get a lot of verbal abuse out here by my co-workers.

Yah, I do. At least someone notices.

But you know what? I have a goal. I have to reach that goal. I don't want these pieces of shit to keep me from my goal. They do make it hard, though, not to just pack the fuck up and leave. Many, MANY days I want to just pack the fuck up and leave and get the hell away from this insane asylum.

Some days I don't know if it's wise to stay here because I don't have to pay rent or electricity or gas to commute to work or if it's wiser to get the hell out of here.

I'm really not sure which is the smartest thing to do. In the meantime, until I figure that out, I keep plugging along.

Tomorrow is another day.

For some of them to make my life difficult.

One day I suppose I'll look back on this and laugh. If I don't lose it before then. Some days, I don't know how the hell I DON'T lose it. I wish I knew the right answer.

But this is just but a glimpse in to the kind of childish fucking horseshit I have to put up with on a daily basis out here. And this? Doesn't even come CLOSE to the crap they put me through for five solid months not too long ago. That one? I'm still so fucking pissed about, I still can't talk about it. I get too enraged.

Eventually something is going to break, out here. I hope it's not my fucking sanity. Because if that does break, things are not going to be pretty.

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March 22, 2009

Farm Art

These guys are seriously creative. And I bet it was a blast, although requiring much patience, to make this:

Sheep farming in the new millennia.

Many times I've wished that I lived in Ireland or England on a farm with lots of animals. With or without the cool colored coats and lights, this video gives me a pang that I'm not doing just that.

(And no, I do not believe Ireland and England are similar. I'm just Irish and English so either country will do for me. I do have a preference, of course, but the 2nd choice isn't disappointing to me.)

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Legal Targets

Holy shize, spammers should be legal shooting targets at the range. I had over 6000 spam comments. I have painstakingly removed about 2000, one by one, by hand. I want spammers to die.

I have to take a break from doing this or I'll go insane, pass out and lose the use of my hand.

So, instead, right now I'm making potato salad and writing another post.

Living situation is pretty good right now. I'm still in the peaceful place but with a nicer abode. It's one of those things I'm going to actually own, one day.

I may as well go ahead and mention it since one of the reasons I started this site was to be able to discuss just about anything while knowing that I am, for the most part, anonymous here. I do have another blog but too many people who know me read that site and while they do know me, I don't feel comfortable enough with those people to just be myself.

A lot of people have ideas in their heads that certain jobs or certain places a person lives means that person is beneath them. It's funny because they don't know those things about me and think I'm alright but I see them make comments about the types of people who have certain jobs or live in certain places.

Like I really want to share with them certain parts of my life? Hardly.

Also, the other blog is pretty political and sometimes, I just don't want to talk about politics. Sometimes I just want to talk about every day things. I'm not so sure my life is all that interesting but I know that I enjoy other people's personal blog posts more than anything else they may write about. Even if it seems boring to them. I don't find it boring. So, maybe I won't be boring for someone else.

Although I'm boring myself right now.

Let me quickly add one other reason I don't want to talk politics here:

Because some people are very closed minded with what they believe and if they find out you are not the exact same, they tend to shun you, stop reading you, get upset with you, etc. I read many blogs by people who do not agree with me, politically. Not political blogs but their personal blogs. Sometimes they may make a mention of their beliefs but I can pass over those because I really like what they write in every other post. I don't want to miss out on some people simply because they don't agree with me politically.

So, having said all that, let's move on, shall we?

Basically I live out in the sticks. Sort of. Not sticks enough for me but far enough away from the city that I am not constantly annoyed by so many. I do have some idiot neighbors but what can I expect considering where I live.

See, about a year and a half ago, I decided to cut down on living expenses and do something I never thought, in a thousand years, that I would do.

I moved my ass to a trailer park. Now, the main reason I chose this is because it is owned by the person I work for. And I get free rent, (lot rent), free electricity, free water, sewage and garbage. I am no longer paying someone's mortgage with my rent. Having nothing to show for it after 17 years of renting really puts things in perspective.

So I went and got some cheap, old trailer to live in. Initially I thought that maybe I would just do that for a couple of years and save up my money. Then I'd be able to move where ever I wanted to move. (Probably the beach in a less populated area than the place I had on the beach when I started this blog.)

But then I noticed that the housing bubble was about to burst wide open so I decided to change my plans. Decided to sit it out here for awhile longer. Then, as we know, shit hit the fan and now everything is a mess.

Because of that, I decided that maybe I should just upgrade and live here much longer than anticipated. Therefore, I got a new trailer. Holy crap, people. Let me tell you something. They've made a LOT of changes to these types of dwellings since...well, since I first got the idea in my head that living in a trailer was not a great thing.

The one I have now is darn near nicer than any house I've ever lived in. It is very spacious, it's gorgeous on the inside and out and because I live in hurricane country, it's kind of nice to know I can hook my house up and get out of dodge should a big one come our way.

There is plenty of room for me and the cats, here. PLENTY. It's bigger than many apartments I've lived in and, frankly, it's MINE. I will always have my home no matter where I go. (Well, ok, it still belongs to the bank until it's paid for but at least my money is working towards something for me instead of someone else.)

Because I don't have to pay rent, I can make double payments on this trailer and I can get it paid off pretty quickly. Right now I'm not really doing that because I want to wait and see what happens with our economy and the world, (this is as political as I intend to get), so I'm saving as much as I can.

This place where I live has long time tenants as well as visitors. I've seen some NIIIIIIICE trailers and RVs pull in to this place. A lot of older people have sold their homes and just live in their RV, traveling around the country. That's kind of neat and again, the improvements made on these things, you really do feel like you're in a house.

Hell, mine has a fake fireplace for crying out loud. I have a little remote control to turn on the fire and I can add heat or leave the heat out of it and just enjoy the fake flames. I thought that was silly at first but after actually turning it on, (and giggling hysterically the first time I did that), I realized, "Hey, this is cool!" I turn it on almost every night now.

And we've had some cold nights so the added heat is a plus.

I have sliding glass doors, I have centralized air, I have a washer and dryer, I have a garden tub, I have an atrium window for my plants, it has slide outs to make for more room...seriously, this thing is fantastic.

At one time I thought I wanted to live on a house boat. Looked in to those and, uh...right. I can't afford those things. Again, they have done some fabulous things with houseboats just like they have trailers and RVs. Some of these things have three bedrooms, fake fireplaces, marble, granite...they are like palaces. And they cost as much, if not more, than most homes.

I found my place at a wholesaler so I saved an armored truck load of money on the deal. Yah, it's a trailer. But it's mine and it's beautiful.

Outside my front bay window I have a lake view and if I have the centralized air going, even if it is just the fans, I can't hear hardly a thing going on outside.

This is a good thing because with trailers comes a trailer/RV park. And the stereotypes are true. To repeat myself, yes, we have visitors who come and go but we also have long time tenants and holy moly do these people belong on the Springer show.

That's about all I will say about that. Just think of all the stereotypes of trailer park dwelling and you have it, here. I think I'm the only sane person living out here...except for the visitors who get to leave.

So basically, I just go to work and come home. Lock the doors, turn on the fans and enjoy my peace, solitude, lake view and fake fireplace.

The past couple of weekends I've been really spoiling the cats. They did so well in the move to this new abode, (only bitched for about an hour), that I felt they deserved a reward. I wanted them to know that this place was GREAT! Thanks for bringing us here, lady!

I went and got them a brand new cat tree. One of those tall, expensive ones with all the fun stuff on it and a little house at the top. (Turns out it was on sale, too! I win!) I got them another jungle gym type thing to play with and also this long tube thing that crinkles like paper when they touch it. Boy do they love that thing.

Got them new litter boxes, new bowls and a new water fountain. Got them some new toy mice, cat nip and am now growing cat herbs in a planter on the shelf in my atrium window.

I also got them one of those "teach your cat to use the toilet" products in the hopes that maybe they'll learn. I had talked about that a long time ago on this site but now I'm giving it another go.

Because I live in the sticks, I've rescued a lot of cats. People are assholes and they dump their cats off out here. One of them was dumped off at night time and I just happened to be outside when it happened. Saw this poor, little black cat running around the grounds, screaming. She was so scared.

I worked her over and now she lives with me. Only problem was, she got knocked up before that happened so now I have her kittens with me as well. In addition to the cat I've had all along and another cat I had saved out here about 6 months before the black cat.


I am trying to get them adopted out but it seems people in this city only want dogs. I like dogs. I get dogs. I'd like to have a dog, too. But you can have both! Then the dog has a companion during the day while you're gone at work. I've had a dog before. She loved the cats.

I have too many cats. I know this. I do have to find them homes. I may have to take them to the shelter. This kills me because then they have to live in a small cage until, hopefully, someone adopts them and I'm just not cool with that part of it. It's not their faults that humans are selfish idiots sometimes. I hate making an animal pay for jerk off humans.

At the same time though, holy shit, this is too many cats. My heart is big, my home is not that big. This land is not mine. If it were, bring 'em on! But it's not. And it's dangerous out here. Not just with the animals that live out here but the trailer park mentality around here. Not the best environment for a little cat. If you catch my drift.

In the meantime, I do the best I can do but the time will come when I have to let some of them go, even to JAIL, as I see it. For crimes they did not commit.

I wish I was rich. Then I would have a lot of land and I could take all these cats and the other strays around here to live on that land. And I'd have no neighbors. And all would be right in the world.

As for me, I got myself some gifts, too. I got some plants to put around the place. I don't typically do well with plants but decided that this time, I was really going to work at it. I got some bonsai plants, an african violet, (since I do actually know how to take care of those), some other type plants that should be relatively easy to take care of and then, of course, those cat herbs.

I also got a new t.v. so that I can have my actual television, (satellite), in the bedroom. I always fall asleep watching ID t.v., the old school CourtTV programs and things like Discovery or History channel.

But I wanted to be able to watch DVDs and play the Wii as well without having to unhook and hook up different cables. And I wanted the Wii and DVD player in the living room, (above the fake fireplace). So, that's why I did that.

Then I got some new pots and pans and cooking utensils since I finally have room to slice and dice and make things and it's healthier and I'm sick of additives and preservatives and want to start making food the old fashioned way--you know, on the stove, not in the microwave.

Plus I'm creative and I've been really needing an outlet along with the writing so why not try my hand at actually learning to cook? I mean, I can make something basic but I don't really understand what a Dutch oven is or some of the terms used in recipes. And a lot of food I've never tried so I figure I'm going to start doing that.

Speaking of which, I think the potatoes are just about done cooking. Should get going for now.

That's the update and I'll definitely be back with stories to tell. I may not be all that interesting, but I've had some interesting experiences.

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We Have Returned

I have a litany of excuses to explain my long absence but who cares now, that's all done.

And I see I have a little housecleaning to do with all the spam assholes.

Look for much more frequent posts, pups, because I am back here to stay. That is, if anyone even remembers I exist.

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