December 08, 2005


Ooh, lookie here! Updating frequently again! It's cause I'm on vacation. I don't have to go anywhere, I already live where everyone goes on their vacation. All I have to do is walk two blocks and BAM! Vacation!

Anyhoo, getting a significant pay raise has made life kind of interesting around here. I've actually been able to go do things that everyone else does normally but I've had to put off for years.

For example: For the first time EVER, since being on my own, I now have a Christmas tree. Oh yes. I decided I fully deserved one and I was going to have one damnit! It certainly isn't a fly by shopping thought, I've thought about having one for years. Well, I did have one many moons ago but it was sad. It was even sadder than a Charlie Brown tree. Let me tell you how sad it was. It was so incredibly sad because it was made out of the two covers, front and back, of a green, three ring binder.

I'm not kidding.

I wanted a tree, I didn't have any money, (college kid), so I traced a pattern and got a knife and cut out a tree from the front and back of the binder. I then made a stump, (also green), and cut slits in it for the "tree" to rest on. I then decorated it with pieces of colored paper as ornaments. Truly ghetto, truly sad. That was 15 years ago. I think I certainly deserve a real, (fake), tree and I got one, lighted, from Target for only $40.

Of course then I had to get ornaments. Target rules you guys. I love Target. Target is also dangerous because one NEVER gets ONLY what they set out to get, now do they? Do not lie.

Being in the total hyper spirit that I was in now that I had a tree, I got the ornaments, (purple, blue, white to match my surroundings), wee mini Christmas stockings for me and the cats, a purple star to go on top of the tree, (Target I love you), a red blanket to go around base of the tree, a dark burgundy huge bow to go on my door because I couldn't really afford a wreath, (burgundy better matches than the all out red blanket but who cares), and then? THEN?

Then I decided that I would get presents. Presents! Yay! Since I know no one here and the family doesn't exist, I got presents for me and the cats. You think that sounds pathetic? Not as pathetic as doing nothing as I have done for years.

Sooo, the cats got treats, (which they stuck their nose up at...brats), they got a new toy from Hartz which they love! cause it really does rule. In fact, this is one of the rare times that the cats actually played with the TOY and not the packaging instead. This toy rules because that bag makes sounds just like a grocery bag which they love but I don't have to worry about them choking themselves on the handles because there are no handles. So glee for the kitties! It truly is one of the best cat toys.

They also got one of those long ribbon type toys on the end of a long er...stick. Cats went crazy for it. They were leaping in the air, doing backflips and attacking the shit out of this thing. Excellent exercise toy especially because I can still be lazy. I just lay on the couch, flick my wrist once in awhile while holding this thing and the cats go nuts.

Finally I got them a brand, spankin' new litter box and got this little fan that clips on to the litter box to get rid of any odors. Of course I don't really have an odor problem ever since I discovered the Crystals but one cat has really bad aim and it seems I'm constantly wiping the walls or floor so the fan works in that case. Oh and they got a little rubber mat to wipe their feet on instead of trailing litter all over the house. I guess that's more of a present for me.

Then I got myself gifts. Because I deserve them. Well, Hello Kitty things were on sale so that just made it harder to resist. I usually can do ok if I turn my head quickly but when you put the sign, "SALE!" next to them? I lose. I got a Hello Kitty alarm clock that you plug in but also has battery back up and WILL go to the battery back up if the power ever goes out. As you can clearly see, I needed this. Hi, hurricanes? I don't have to worry about my battery clock running out of battery in the middle of the night nor do I worry about the power going out because this clock covers it all. Necessity. Hello Kitty a plus. Also a matches my Hello Kitty t.v.

I also got a Hello Kitty juice maker. Remember? "SALE!" ? Of course buying orange juice here is much cheaper than making it but it was ON SALE! And I will use it one day.

Then I got a mixer...those beater things. Because I've had one in my life and it was sucky and easier to just mix the stuff by hand and I've been doing it that way for years and years and I am tired so I got a new one and it rules. It even comes with a storage compartment so your beaters and cord aren't making a mess everywhere. Major plus as I'm a neat freak.

So I came home, set up the tree, got the gifts out for the cats and then decorated the tree. It's pretty. I'll take a photo of it tonight and add it in here. Oh and one thing I love? Cause I'm a dork? I always catch my cats sitting under the tree on the new blanket and it's like they are my Christmas kitties.

Because the gifts are already "opened", (because I'm an impatient gift giver and receiver), I'm going to wrap the boxes and put them under the tree. Otherwise the tree just looks lonely. Yes, I did buy wrapping paper. BUT, now I'm set for all Christmases in the future that I am single and alone.

I still had money left over, (I might shop but I still do it fairly frugaly), so I set up an appointment with a dermatologist for the 19th. I've been putting this off for years due to several excuses: "I don't have any insurance", "I don't have enough money", "I have no way to get there" but really the excuse was, "I'm too scared." Basically I'm gonna have to get some moles checked out. I've had a lot of moles on my back since I was a kid. Not ugly, horrifying witch type moles but cute little ones that I was told were beauty marks. However, they have changed in recent years and they must be looked at. I know this is going to cause me great pain while they cut them off to examine them for cancer. I am going to be positive and think to myself that I've had them all this time, changed or not, and I'm fine so I don't think they are cancerous but you know doctors...always gotta go cutting things off and looking at them more closely. BAH! But I have to do it.

Then today! GLORIOUS! At long last! I get to see the chiropractor. I haven't done this since 2003 and my excuses are rock solid but I'm not going to go into them because if I talk about this, it will give away who I am to people who I did NOT invite to view this site. There are exactly 7 readers who know me from another site and I'd like to keep it that way.

Back to my poor spine. I'm in serious pain. What I will tell you is that this is a result of an injury suffered some years ago. I got messed up pretty good. I haven't been to the chiropractor in too long and I'm really, really feeling it. I'm getting headaches daily which make me sick, I can't turn my head to the right to look in my blind spot while driving, I'm getting shooting pains down my arms, my legs hurt like...there are no words to describe it and I can't sleep for shit. But today, after x-rays and a history, I will hopefully get adjusted and feel so damn good I'll cry.

Then I also set up an appointment for the car to get an oil change, new fuel lines and figure out why in the hell it keeps acting like it's going to die when I'm in stop and go traffic. After that, my car should be perfect. I love my car. Oh, I need a new passenger side mirror and emblem no thanks to Wilma. This is an older car and of course it needed some work but I love this car and I want it to stay working and keep it for a long time. I even talk to my car. I tell it that it's doing a great job, almost home, it's okay, we're almost there, c'mon little car, you can do it. I'll get you in to the service station soon, I promise. And my car has done what I've asked of it so it's time to make good on the promise. (If you think talking to your car is ridiculous, just wait till you start having problems. Talk to your will go that much further for you. I swear.)

Yesterday I went to the other job I mentioned in my dilemma in a previous entry and I think I really want to take that job. Therefore I had to do all of this while I had the money and insurance THEN I'll start at the new job. Of course I'll have insurance at the new job but of course there's always that waiting period which sucks. I really like the new job. Of course there are some things I don't really like about it but 95% of it I really like. At my current job, I only like about 5% of it. Most of that revolves around the money. I could die tomorrow....I think I'd rather have enjoyed myself and been a wee bit poorer than been miserable but had the money.

Although there are times, like right now, where money truly does buy happiness.

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Congrats. Though I've always feared chiropractors because I think they're going to sever my spinal cord because they won't like me.

Posted by: Maine at December 8, 2005 10:36 AM

One of my best friends is a chiropractor - I get a treatment for free every so often. He comes out to my place to shoot at my range, and I get my neck cracked.

If you are stopped up, have one give you a sinus massage - works wonders! When your eustachian tube gets clogged, they can clear it up as well by yanking on your ear lobe - ear infections can drain when they do this as well.

I gotta go see him soon - I have a rib end that pops out near my shoulder blade that has been getting to me.

WalMart ends up with my mad money - I'll go in for groceries and end up with a fairly eclectic mix of goodies when I check out. New tools and a DVD to go with the milk and bread, doncha know.

Glad to hear you have some disposable income nowadays - you are getting right along and have improved your life greatly. Carry On!

Posted by: Jeffro at December 8, 2005 09:03 PM
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