September 03, 2005

Hayward Rescued From New Orleans

In the midst of all the terrible aftermath of the hurricane, we can still find some humor.

It would seem that a certain Mr. Hayward J. Ablohmie has been rescued and evacuated to Baton Rouge, LA according to a CNN Safe List.

Gotta love those news outlets and their precise fact checking.

Another little humor break:

Last night, coming home from work, I had to circle the block to find parking. Unfortunately the only place to park was one street over underneath a tree. At first I thought, "Man, this kinda sucks that I have to park way over here" because it's hotter than hell in this city during the summer but then I reminded myself, hello, tree! Tree, the giver of shade! Tree good! Love tree! Not sappy tree either! So I decided that parking under the tree was a grand idea after all and ceased looking for any other place to park. I mean, I was tired, ready to go home and go to bed and hey, I will climb into a nice cool car tomorrow. All is well!

Today I walked to my car, all happy and naive thinking about how nice and cool my car would be when I got into it. I turned the corner, spotted my car halfway down the block and put a smile on my face thinking this was a grand day. Until I got closer and noticed spots all over the car.

All. Over the car.

When I was about 20 feet from my car I realized what those spots were. It seems a few of our feathered friends had themselves a little party last night and chose to shit all over the top, hood, windows front and sides, back and trunk of my car. I had so much bird shit on my car that when I climbed in, I could not see out the windsheild. And, because I begin work later in the day, the heat had baked the bird shit on nice and hard.

I wasn't expecting this so I didn't have enough time to stop and clean it off, rather, I got to drive the 40 minutes to work in a shit covered car while strangers gaped at me as I passed them on the roadways.

I still haven't cleaned it off.

That's about all I have for now. I return you to your news viewing of the devastation and hope you have all donated something for the victims. Don't forget their little critters; the domesticated animals who rely on their human companions for food and safety and maybe pinch another couple of bucks to donate to the organizations that help reunite those people with their beloved pets. For some, this may be all they have left.

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