August 15, 2005


I finally got the mechanic apprentice type dude to come over, (not the actual mechanic but a guy who works at the dealer and knows a little bit about cars), and we have discovered what the problem is not:

It's not the battery, alternator or fuel pump. What's happening is that the fuel is not getting to the engine. I find this fascinating considering that before I brought the car to the dealer, it was getting fuel. It still ran, even though smoke was coming out of the hood, but now it won't turn over.

Also? More good luck. The day I brought it home, I had to stop and get gas. I had the a/c going on just before all this, started to hear some noise from the engine, turned it off, all seemed fine. Got to the gas station, went to put the nozzle down the neck and it wouldn't go in. The selenoid...whatever, the little silver flap that is supposed to slide back to gather fuel would not. I had to shove the nozzle in there to get gas and then yank it hard, back out.

I looked around online and maybe that's a fuse that blew but for fuck's sake...all those things worked before I brought the car in.

So, joy of all joys, I get to shell out another $125 to tow the car back to the dealer and have them look at it and tell me I owe them the rest of my savings, vial of blood, portion of my soul.

But I do have good news! The technician came out for my internet on Saturday and just like I've been telling those assholes for two solid months now, it's NOT my equipment, it's something of theirs. Lo and behold! AGAIN I'm right. It was a problem on their line.

So I got a refund for a week's worth of internet usage. Should get a month free since every time I called the first thing that splurted out of their mouths was, "It's your modem. We'll send a tech, it will cost you $30, you will have to return your modem to the company that made it, and we will also charge you to rent one of ours in the meantime."

Without fail. They said it every single time no matter how many times I told them they were wrong. But I'm just a girl, what the hell would I know about internet and lines and signals and such. DUH! I hate armchair techs who know nothing about the product and read off a script. Bitches.

Hopefully tomorrow I will find out that to fix my car is really easy, inexpensive and I'll have no more issues. Pray. Pray hard.

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I'm with you on that one. Yesterday I had to call Comcast because the stupid thing wouldn't let us order a movie "On Demand."

The woman tried to tell me I had to power cycle my cable box before she could try to send a couple of signals to my box.

I said, "Look, will it hurt anything for you to send the signal through without me power cycling, because I don't feel like moving a 2 ton entertainment center."

She attempted to insist that power cycling fixes all evils, and I said, "Well, that may be true, but it won't fix the hernia I'll get moving the damned cabinet, so what say you send those signals through now anyway?"

She did, it worked. IDIOT!

Nice to be back here, I haven't been by in a while, I changed rss feeders and I somehow forgot to add you. But now you're back on, so I'll be around more often.

I know you are on your knees praising the blog god for your good fortune as you read this.

Posted by: Viki at August 16, 2005 12:32 PM
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