July 30, 2005

Chunks Of Brain

So I do this thing where I decide, upon observation, that I would like to write about a subject so I carry a little note book around with me to jot down reminders throughout the day. Without it I will forget absolutely everything I wanted to talk about within 2 hours.

Well today I lost my little notebook. What the hell do I carry around with me to remember that?

I'm getting old people....seriously..today I went to get a copy of a key made and bought one of those little keychains that looks like a bracelet so you can wear your keys? Yah, I have one of those now. So that my keys are on my wrist at all times. Because I like to put something down and promptly forget where I put it. Cause I'm special.

Let's see here.....yesterday....was it yesterday? Yes, yesterday I went and got my car windows tinted. Nothing special or out of the ordinary happened, I just am happy as shit that I got that done because it cools the car off by eleventybillion degrees and that's really needed here not only cause it's boiling, inferno hot here, my car a/c doesn't work too well. I will get it fixed but if it's a condensor or a compressor or something or other "expensiveor", it may be awhile. Hopefully it's just the fan.

And like, my car looks even cooler now cause I'm all about having a cool ass looking car. Remember? I'm special? Someday, I'm going to a custom shop and turning into a real car geek. And you thought that shit was just for boys. PAH!

Ooh! I have a really cool neighbor now! Out with the assholes and in with the cool chick! And guys? If you saw her? You would DIE! She's gorgeous. Doesn't do a thing for me but she is a knockout. She's thin, beautiful, Russian, (Ukranian actually), very nice, friendly, smart and she's NOT loud! AND? She doesn't just throw her unwanted furniture on the balcony.

Ok, let me 'splain something Lucy: The old neighbors had the one apartment that had sliding glass doors to a nice patio that looked out over the bay. Did they appreciate this? No! They chose to make it look like the set of Sanford and Son and you could see their balcony and all their crap from the street. Real nice. Pair that with the crack whore monkeys (aka children) who live downstairs, not looking so cool here. But they left and she moved in and the kids have been relatively quiet lately so things are looking up. Oh and guys? No, you can't be my friend just so you can come over and hopefully see her. Asses!

I just discovered that this building does indeed have a washer and dryer. For far cheaper than the laundromat I've been taking my things to because the apartment finding agency is full of idiots and did not know there was one here. I've had a key to it this entire time and had no clue what it was for. I discovered it while coming back from the store last night, walking to the back of the building, in the dark, and having another neighbor just appear out of nowhere right before my eyes! Long story short, fuck the laundromat kids! Woohoo!

Now if I could just get a permanent parking space my life would be perfect.

There was something else I wanted to write about, ask, inquire, get opinions on but since I can't find my notebook, I don't know what it was. I will remember in approximately three hours after midnight but it's pointless to come on here and write it out because I'll have built it up so much that it may be disheartening when you discover it was just some menail, every day observation that probably only played around in my mind and then you would stop visiting because you would think I'm weird and I would find myself writing to myself and why would anyone ask themselves a question if they don't know the answer or wanted different opinions, thus I would then think maybe I shouldn't bother with observations or questions or inquiries and become an empty shell of a human and do you really want that to happen? Do you? Well?

I better not be writing to myself already. Hello?

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I read! sporadically lately, but I do love reading your stuff.

Posted by: cousineddie at August 2, 2005 01:28 PM
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