July 27, 2005

Maybe I'm On To Something

It turns out that my little water trick worked out really well. I've been chosen.

Also? I had another interview with someone else and I had forgotten to spit my gum out before it began. I tucked it to the roof of my mouth but somewhere in the answering phase, it came crashing down and I could no longer hide the fact that I was chewing gum during the interview.

Got that one too.


I just moved here and went from no job, being turned down by every person who took one look at me to having two lined up that I really want and now I have to make the decision; which one to take.

I know which one I'm going to take but that was after spending a week analyzing the crap out of them both just in case I got both, as I did, and I feel bad that I have to tell the one "No" because I think this would have been the coolest boss in the entire world to work for. That was a big pro on the "Pros and Cons" list I had going on but in the end, the water trick job is the one I have decided on.

I'm kinda laughing that I got in that situation after doors slamming in my face for a month and a half but that's the way it goes. What I do know is that I will finally sleep very, very, very well this weekend.

Oh, and since this job starts the day before my birthday, I'm going to go out and get myself a congratulatory/birthday gift and get my windows tinted. You cannot live here and have non tinted windows. You will die.

So, the lesson boys and girls is this: During the interview, to get a leg up over the rest of the competition, do something that is embarrassing and get those sympathy points. It also helps if you chew gum in front of them because it shows you are so confident that you are right for the job, they'll be impressed beyond their belief and look at the gum chewing cockiness as a sign that you are the one.

Now then, the next two days are all about laundry, cleaning, getting a few outfits for work, (I have clothes...but they are cold weather clothes...it's hotter than hell here), some other little things that don't interest you in the slightest and getting my gift to myself done on Friday.

Then? I spend all weekend laughing. And laughing and laughing and laughing.

Yah, time for a drink too. Cheers!

Posted by S. Faolan Wolf at July 27, 2005 07:40 PM | TrackBack

Wahoo! Way to go. I wish I had known those tricks back when I was looking for a job!

Posted by: SailGirl at July 27, 2005 09:04 PM

Feast or famine. Congratulations on the job!

Posted by: cousineddie at July 28, 2005 08:47 AM

Congratulations, babe! That's fantastic!

Posted by: Helen at July 30, 2005 02:19 AM
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