May 15, 2005

Take A Vacation In Jail

There you are, a parent raising your kids while your lazy spouse doesn't lift a finger to help you out. Oh how you wish you could take a vacation, go on strike, just get away from them. I mean, you're tired! You put in a lot of hours at work to bring home the bacon, you put in equal hours at home raising your rug rats and tending to your other half who may as well be your fourth child. Damnit! Where's Calgon when you need it? You need a break but it just doesn't seem possible.

Ah, but it is my frettered pet, it IS! All you have to do is get married to someone who will one day illegally park your car, get a fine, fail to pay it and hide the information from you. Time will go by and you will get a post in the mail stating that you now owe five times the amount of the original ticket and if you don't pay, you, yes you, because it was your car, will be hauled off to jail! You can have that much needed and desired vacation after all!

A mother-of-three is to spend three months in jail instead of paying a parking fine to get a rest from her 'demanding' children and 'lazy' husband.

Maria Brunner waved to neighbours as police drove her away for not paying a £50 fine that had risen to £2,500 because it had been left unpaid.

"She opened the door and seemed really happy, if not relieved, to see us before asking us to take her away and lock her up," said one of the arresting officers from Poing in Germany.

The 38-year-old said she had had enough of scraping a living for her family as a cleaner every day while "my lazy husband sits on his backside doing nothing".

She added: "As long as I get food and a hot shower everyday, I don't mind being sent to jail. It means I can finally get some rest and relaxation without having to cook, wash and clean for everyone."

Brunner said she only found out she owed so much money when she got a letter from public prosecutors saying she would be jailed if she did not repay it immediately.

She says her unemployed husband, 35, hid the original fine from her that had been sent after he parked badly while driving her car.

"At first I was really worried about it, because I knew we did not have so much money, but then I looked at it as a chance to get away for a while," she said.

A police officer added: "She repeatedly thanked us for arresting her and smiled and waved as she was driven off to jail."

See? Hard work does pay off.

Posted by S. Faolan Wolf at May 15, 2005 01:33 AM

That is a great story! You can understand how she feels. But then on the other hand she chose the loser eh.

Posted by: Ruth at May 16, 2005 02:43 AM

I ehard of a similar story in hteUSA, only it was 3 days and the judge, after trying to get the woman to pay the fine by sayng it is really only 2 hots and a cot, called her husband, who did come down and bail her out. I don't think her husband was a loser in this case, just that she had a lot of kids.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at May 18, 2005 08:23 AM
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